“Gather the people together so that I may give them water.” Numbers 21:16

A Message From Our Founder

My name is Tischa van de Reep, founder of THE WELL. I am a writer, speaker, and teacher whose mission is to help women fall in love with God’s Word and find transformation in Christ. 

In 2016, I had a vivid dream where I was being led through the Bible. Every passage laid out before me took place at a well or at a body of water. In the Bible, the well is the gathering place for women. There, they would fellowship with each other and minister to each other. From Rebekah, to Rachel, to the Samaritan woman to Lydia. The well was where women of all ages, stages, and walks of life found themselves. Women would have to work together to pull up their heavy vessels from the deep wells. THE WELL COMMUNICATORS is a gathering of women, working together to draw Jesus’ Living Water and pour it out onto His people in convicting and relevant ways. 

THE WELL offers speakers, teachers, and worship leaders who dig deep into the Bible and produce the Living Water of Jesus Christ for His Church.

We are a new wave of Christian communicators. We share God’s unchanging truths in fresh and dynamic ways.  We are women who proclaim the name of Jesus with passion and a heartfelt desire to see our sisters draw closer to Him. We are chosen women of God’s Heavenly Kingdom ministering to chosen women of God’s Heavenly Kingdom. 

For your next event, conference, retreat, or seminar, it is my deepest honor to invite you to come to THE WELL.

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